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Stay on top of your silver, gold, copper, platinum, and rhodium collection with Stack Tracker, the ultimate app for precious metal enthusiasts. Designed to provide detailed tracking and secure data management, Stack Tracker ensures that every aspect of your collection is cataloged and safe. From the comfort of your phone, manage your investments with ease, privacy, and peace of mind.

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Comprehensive Tracking

Effortlessly monitor your collection of various precious metals.

Detailed Descriptions

Log detailed information about each item, including images, weight, purity, and more.

Privacy First

All data is stored locally on your device, ensuring privacy and security.

Easy Import and Export

Manage your collection with convenient import and export features.

Emergency Data Deletion

A unique feature allowing you to delete all data quickly in emergency situations.

Financial Overview

Keep track of your total investment, including total spent, total weight, and value per ounce.