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Gold Spartan

1oz Prospector Mini

1oz Prospector Mini

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Unearth the spirit of adventure with our "1oz Prospector Mini" hand-poured silver statue. Precisely crafted in the USA, this captivating piece embodies the essence of the gold rush era, encapsulating the timeless spirit of those who ventured into the unknown in search of riches and a brighter future. Detailed in flawless 999+ silver, the statue portrays a diligent prospector, panning bowl in hand, as he sifts through the silt, ever hopeful for that glimmer of gold—a poignant representation of determination and the human spirit.

- Weight: 1oz
- Made of 999+ Silver
- Max Mintage: 500
- Each piece is laser engraved with weight, purity, and number
- Comes with a metal Certificate of Authenticity (COA)

Thanks to the cutting-edge vacuum-assisted investment casting process, every facet of the prospector's form is rendered meticulously—from the worn brim of his hat to the folds of his rugged attire. This custom silver statue beautifully fuses the nostalgia of the gold rush with the elegance of handcrafted silver, securing its esteemed place among both history enthusiasts and precious metal collectors.

For those intrigued by tales of old, bygone eras of exploration, or aficionados of exquisitely crafted silver, this statue embodies both the tales of perseverance from the days of the gold rush and the unmatched allure of hand-poured silver. The "1oz Prospector Mini" statue is not just a nod to a historic period; it's a radiant testament to man's indomitable will to chase dreams, no matter the odds. Reconnect with a chapter of pioneering spirit and boundless hope with our Prospector hand-poured silver statue—a tangible touchstone to an era where fortune and adventure went hand in hand.

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Customer Reviews

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Dewayne Braden
Amazing detail & craftsmanship

I have the 8 oz prospector & the detail is just amazing! Even my wife comments on how detailed it is. Just beautiful work!
Worth every penny