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Ace on Fire

Ace on Fire

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Introducing the "Ace on Fire" silver statue, a spectacular piece that embodies both craftsmanship and elegance in fine 999+ silver. This hand-poured silver marvel is designed for collectors who appreciate the intricate artistry of poured silver bullion. The statue captures the dynamic essence of a playing card ace, engulfed in stylized flames, making it a standout addition to any collection of silver statues or pure silver statues.


  • Weight Options: Available in 3oz, 5oz, and 8oz to suit a variety of preferences and collections.
  • Purity: Crafted from high-quality 999+ silver, ensuring a superior level of purity.
  • Design: The "Ace on Fire" features detailed, laser-engraved elements that highlight the fluidity and motion of flames, wrapping around a crisply defined ace.
  • Manufacturing Process: Created using advanced 3D printed casting resin and vacuum-assisted investment casting, this statue represents a perfect fusion of traditional silver crafting techniques and modern technological advancements.
  • Limited Edition: Each size option is limited to a max mintage of 100 units, making each piece a valuable collectible.
  • Certification: Comes with a metal Certificate of Authenticity (COA) that verifies its weight, purity, and unique number within the series.

This silver statue is not just a bullion piece but a testament to the fusion of artistic innovation and the timeless allure of silver. The "Ace on Fire" is ideal for those who cherish the blend of modern technology with traditional craftsmanship, making it a prized possession for both seasoned collectors and newcomers alike. Its limited availability further enhances its desirability and potential as an investment in fine art.

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