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Gold Spartan

Sewer Rat

Sewer Rat

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Dive into the underbelly of urban wildlife with our Sewer Rat hand-poured silver statue. This unique silver item, made in the USA, transforms the common city dweller into a stunning piece of handcrafted silver artistry, perfect for your collection of precious metal collectibles.

Produced using a vacuum assisted investment casting process and special casting resin, each Sewer Rat silver statue embodies the finest details of this often overlooked creature, capturing its iconic features in 999+ silver. The result is a high-quality silver collectible that challenges traditional perceptions of silver gifts.

With a max mintage of just 100, our Sewer Rat silver statue epitomizes the exclusivity embodied in the phrase "Silver Statues, Gold Spartan". Each custom silver statue shines brightly, showcasing our commitment to producing unique silver items that go beyond the ordinary.

Whether you're a fan of unique wildlife or an urban art enthusiast, this hand-poured statue makes a fascinating addition to any collection. As a testament to the beauty that can be found in unexpected places, it's the perfect gift for those who appreciate unconventional silver art pieces.

Welcome our Sewer Rat hand-poured silver statue into your collection or gift it to a fellow collector. It's not only a testament to high-quality silver craftsmanship but also an unusual tribute to the hidden wonders of city life. Seize this opportunity to own a limited-edition piece that uniquely captures the charm of the urban wild.

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