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Gold Spartan



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Introducing our "Snail" Silver Statue, a delightful representation of nature's steady and serene creatures. This hand-poured silver statue brings the charm of a snail to life, making it a unique silver item that stands out in any collection of precious metal collectibles.


Crafted in the USA from 999+ pure silver, our "Snail" Silver Statue is produced using a vacuum-assisted investment casting process. This method ensures an extraordinary level of detail and a stunning silver finish. We employ a special casting resin to accentuate the intricate features of the snail's design, enhancing its lifelike appeal.


Our "Snail" Silver Statue is part of a strictly limited series with a maximum mintage of 100, making it a truly unique piece of silver art. Whether you're an enthusiast of nature or a collector of handcrafted silver statues, our "Snail" Silver Statue serves as a wonderful silver gift or a fine addition to your collection.


Celebrate the beauty of nature's slow-paced explorer with our "Snail" Silver Statue. As a custom silver statue, it represents not just a piece of high-quality silver, but a tribute to one of nature's most intriguing creatures, brought to life in radiant pure silver.

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