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T-Rex Skeleton

T-Rex Skeleton

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Unearthing the predatory power and majesty of the prehistoric era, the T-Rex Skeleton hand-poured silver statue is a striking testament to the king of dinosaurs. Reduced to bones, this skeletal structure captures the raw ferocity of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, meticulously detailing its razor-sharp teeth, massive skull, and powerful limbs, all in a hauntingly magnificent form.


  • Available in 3oz, 5oz, and 8oz weights
  • Made of 999+ Silver
  • Max Mintage: 100
  • Each piece is laser engraved with weight, purity, and number
  • Comes with a metal Certificate of Authenticity (COA)

Made in the USA with precision and care, this piece uses the advanced vacuum assisted investment casting process combined with a special casting resin, ensuring that every bone, joint, and contour is accurately represented. The gleam of the high-quality silver, emphasizing every detail, transports viewers back to a time when this colossal predator roamed the Earth.

A cherished addition for collectors, archaeology enthusiasts, or anyone with an appreciation for history and artistry, the T-Rex Skeleton silver statue stands as a symbol of ancient grandeur and the cyclical nature of life on Earth. As both a silver gift and an artifact of precious metal artistry, it's an embodiment of craftsmanship and the timeless allure of the natural world.

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