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Gold Spartan



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Embark on a thrilling journey into the world of folkloric legends with our "Werewolf" hand-poured silver statue. Finely crafted in the USA, this mesmerizing piece brings to life the legendary lycanthrope, a creature of the night that transforms from man to wolf under the full moon's luminous glow. Meticulously sculpted in gleaming 999+ silver, the "Werewolf" captures the creature's ferocity, with snarling features, elongated claws, and a thick mane, making it a captivating addition to any collection of mythological precious metal relics and a unique silver gift for those who appreciate folklore and legends.


  • Available in 3oz, 5oz, and 8oz weights
  • Made of 999+ Silver
  • Max Mintage: 100
  • Each piece is laser engraved with weight, purity, and number
  • Comes with a metal Certificate of Authenticity (COA)

Benefitting from the refined detailing that the vacuum assisted investment casting process offers, this statue encapsulates every enthralling detail of the werewolf, from its muscular sinew to its fierce, predatory gaze. This custom silver statue not only draws on the tales of old but showcases the marvel of contemporary handcrafted silver, solidifying its place amongst the most sought-after silver collectibles of our era.

For those enchanted by age-old tales of shapeshifters, monsters, and the supernatural, or for connoisseurs of exceptional silver craftsmanship, this statue stands as a testament to the enduring allure of the werewolf legend. The "Werewolf" statue is not just a tangible representation of folklore; it's a radiant symbol of storytelling woven with silver's timeless allure. Dive into a realm where legends come to life with our "Werewolf" hand-poured silver statue or gift it to a fan of mythical tales. This limited-edition artifact intertwines ancient myths, superior craftsmanship, and the gleaming beauty of hand-poured silver, offering a unique opportunity to treasure a slice of legendary lore.

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