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1oz Barbarian Mini

1oz Barbarian Mini

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Step into the untamed wilderness and fierce battlefields with our "1oz Barbarian Mini" hand-poured silver statue. Expertly shaped in the USA, this miniature marvel evokes the valor and raw power of the Barbarian, a legendary warrior renowned for their might and honor in the annals of history and fantasy. Cast in the pure, lustrous glow of 999+ silver, this statue captures the Barbarian in a poised stance, ready to defend and conquer, echoing tales of bravery and freedom that have resonated through time.

- Weight: 1oz
- Made of 999+ Silver
- Max Mintage: 500
- Each piece is laser engraved with weight, purity, and number
- Comes with a metal Certificate of Authenticity (COA)

Using the meticulous accuracy of the vacuum-assisted investment casting process, the statue finely delineates every aspect of the Barbarian's attire, weapons, and intense demeanor. This custom silver mini statue is a testament to the captivating lore of ancient warriors and the pristine allure of handcrafted silver, making it a cherished collectible for aficionados of history, fantasy, and fine metalwork.

For enthusiasts drawn to tales of heroic feats, ancient civilizations, or the unmatched craftsmanship of hand-poured silver, this statue beautifully marries the grand narratives of old-world warriors with the timeless beauty of silver craftsmanship. The "1oz Barbarian Mini" is not merely a representation of a bygone era's champion; it's a gleaming tribute to valor, tradition, and the ageless charm of silver. Revel in the legacy of might and mastery with our Barbarian hand-poured silver statue—a symbol of undying tales and unparalleled artisanship.

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Customer Reviews

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Very Metal, Needs Friends

Very metal barbarian, feels like Heavy Metal, I wish we had some female fantasy babes of that style to go along side him. Right now I have him in a case fighting the v2 hydra 3oz. Please excuse the dust.