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Angry Dragon

Angry Dragon

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Unleash the fierce majesty of the Angry Dragon Silver Statue, a powerful representation of mythical strength and fire. This statue captures the raw emotion and formidable presence of a dragon in mid-roar, making it a striking addition to any collection. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this piece is not only a tribute to legendary creatures but also a celebration of the exquisite properties of silver.

- **Weight Options**: Available in 3oz, 5oz, and 8oz sizes, each offering a different aspect of this magnificent beast.
- **Purity**: Made from 999+ silver, ensuring the highest quality and a lasting luster.
- **Artistry**: The dragon's wrathful expression and intricate scales are highlighted with precise laser engraving, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship.
- **Limited Availability**: With a maximum mintage of 100 units per size, this statue is a rare and exclusive collectible.
- **Cutting-Edge Crafting**: Employing vacuum-assisted investment casting and advanced 3D printed casting resin, this statue represents a perfect blend of age-old artistry and modern technology.
- **Certificate of Authenticity**: Each statue is accompanied by a metal COA, detailing the weight, purity, and individual number, adding to its collectible value.

Ideal for collectors of hand poured silver statues and enthusiasts of mythical lore, the Angry Dragon Silver Statue is a bold statement piece. It's more than just a piece of silver bullion; it's a work of art that demonstrates the dynamic fusion of '999+ silver' quality and innovative craftsmanship. Add this awe-inspiring piece to your collection and let the Angry Dragon guard your trove of pure silver statues.

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James Napier
Amazing Piece of Silver Art...

Another amazing piece from one of the best silver artists out there.