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Asian Dragon

Asian Dragon

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Immerse yourself in the ancient lore of the East with our Asian Dragon hand-poured silver statue. Masterfully crafted in the USA from 999+ pure silver, this captivating piece embodies the legendary creature that has graced countless tales, myths, and emblems across Asian cultures. With intricate scales, a serpentine form, and an imposing presence, the Asian Dragon stands as a symbol of power, wisdom, and prosperity, making it a distinguished addition to any collection and a timeless silver gift for admirers of Eastern mythology.

- Available in 3oz, 5oz, and 8oz weights
- Made of 999+ Silver
- Max Mintage: 100
- Laser engraved with weight, purity, and serial number
- Accompanied by a metallic Certificate of Authenticity (COA)

Thanks to advanced vacuum-assisted investment casting combined with a special casting resin, the Asian Dragon statue marvelously conveys every detail – from the sharp claws, the majestic whiskers, to the swirling patterns that evoke powerful movement. With its max mintage capped at just 100 pieces, this statue is a harmonious blend of ancient Asian legends and the undeniable allure of handcrafted silver.

Perfect for enthusiasts of Asian folklore, dragon collectors, or connoisseurs of exceptional silver artisanship, this statue not only commemorates the rich tapestry of Eastern stories but also epitomizes the pinnacle of silver craftsmanship. The Asian Dragon isn't just a mythological creature; it's a radiant emblem of history, storytelling, and silver's timeless charm. Venture into a world where legends take form with our Asian Dragon hand-poured silver statue, and embrace the opportunity to hold a fragment of age-old heritage and artistry in your hands.

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