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Cobra V2

Cobra V2

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Introducing our "Cobra V2" Silver Statue, a striking symbol of power and wisdom. This handcrafted silver piece is a unique addition to any collection of precious metal collectibles, reflecting the mesmerizing allure and mystique of the cobra. Each statue is created in the USA, showcasing the detailed craftsmanship and quality synonymous with our high-quality silver art pieces.

The "Cobra V2” Silver Statue is crafted using a vacuum-assisted investment casting process, complemented with a special casting resin. This meticulous process ensures the stunning details of the cobra are captured in full, from its coiled body to its raised hood. Made from 999+ pure silver, this statue is a testament to the fierce beauty of the cobra, a symbol revered in many cultures.

With a maximum mintage of just 100, this hand-poured silver statue is a unique silver item that offers an exclusive opportunity to own a symbol of power, transformation, and healing. Whether you're a lover of unique silver gifts, a collector of custom silver statues, or someone who appreciates the blend of nature and art, the "Cobra V2" Silver Statue is an exceptional addition to any collection.

Secure your piece today and experience the captivating presence of the cobra in your own collection.

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