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Dragon King

Dragon King

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Experience the majesty and power of the Dragon King, our handcrafted 2.7-ounce silver statue. This exceptional piece, proudly made in the USA, is the epitome of artisan craftsmanship and the allure of mythical beasts, making it a stellar addition to any collection or display.


The Dragon King is a limited edition creation, with a maximum mintage of only 100. This exclusivity ensures that each piece is as unique as it is striking. We employ a vacuum assisted investment casting process and a special casting resin in the creation of our statues, which results in an unmatched level of detail and a breathtaking finish.


The hand-poured silver statue of the Dragon King embodies regality and power, from its imposing form to its meticulously crafted details. Each scale, each talon, is a testament to the precision and skill that goes into crafting each piece.


The Dragon King is not merely a silver statue - it's a work of art, a symbol of fantasy, and an investment in precious metal. Its limited mintage makes it a prized and unique addition to any silver collection or as a standalone piece of decor.


With a mintage of only 100, this is your chance to own a piece of handcrafted American artistry. Embrace the majesty of the Dragon King and elevate your collection to new heights today.


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