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Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman

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Embark on a mythical voyage with the hand poured silver statue of the Flying Dutchman, a piece that navigates the turbulent seas of imagination and craftsmanship. This remarkable statue, cast from 999+ pure silver, captures the essence of the legendary ghost ship that was said to never be able to make port, doomed to sail the oceans forever. Its intricate design and silver gleam make it a treasure for both bullion collectors and maritime lore enthusiasts, bridging the worlds of precious metal investment and nautical mythology.


  • Weight Options: Available in 3oz, 5oz, and 8oz, each statue offers a tangible piece of the high seas to hold in your hand.
  • Purity: Crafted from 999+ fine silver, the Flying Dutchman statue showcases the peak of purity in silver bullion, ensuring its value and desirability.
  • Manufacturing Process: Utilizing vacuum-assisted investment casting and the latest in 3D printed casting resin, the statue is a masterpiece of modern technology, paying homage to ancient maritime legends with unparalleled detail and accuracy.
  • Limited Edition: Each size of the Flying Dutchman statue is capped at a maximum mintage of 100 units, making this a rare find. Collectors will appreciate the exclusivity provided by such limited production.
  • Engravings: Every statue is meticulously detailed with laser engravings that denote its weight, purity, and unique number within its limited series, accompanied by a metal Certificate of Authenticity (COA).
  • Design: The statue's design captures the eerie beauty of the Flying Dutchman, with billowing sails and a hull that seems to cut through the silver waves, evoking its eternal journey across the oceans.

In summary, the Flying Dutchman silver statue is more than a piece of precious metal; it's a bridge between the tangible and the legendary, making it a must-have for collectors fascinated by the lore of the seas and the artistry of silver casting. With its advanced manufacturing process, limited availability, and stunning design, this statue sails beyond the ordinary, offering a piece of history and mythology to hold in your collection.

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Gary Cain
As it should be

Everything was good. Thank you