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Hydra V2

Hydra V2

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Presenting the Hydra V2 Silver Statue, a spectacular representation of mythical power and complexity, expertly transformed into a 999+ silver sculpture. This awe-inspiring statue embodies the legendary Hydra, a multi-headed serpent, showcasing its formidable presence and dynamic movement, making it a standout piece for mythology enthusiasts and collectors of unique silver bullion.


  • Weight Options: Choose from 3oz, 5oz, or 8oz, each weight meticulously designed to capture the intricate details of the Hydra V2.
  • Exceptional Silver Purity: Sculpted with the finest 999+ silver, this statue is noted for its high-quality finish and lasting value.
  • Advanced Artisanal Techniques: Created with vacuum-assisted investment casting and sophisticated 3D printed casting resin, ensuring precise detailing and realistic portrayal.
  • Limited Edition Collectible: Limited to just 100 units per size, making it a rare and desirable collectible.
  • Laser Engraved Authenticity: Every statue is laser engraved with its weight, purity, and individual serial number, enhancing its authenticity as a prized collectible.
  • Metal Certificate of Authenticity (COA): Includes a metal COA, detailing its specifications and confirming its collectible status.

The Hydra V2 Silver Statue is not just a hand poured silver statue; it is a symbol of the intricate artistry and storytelling in the realm of silver craftsmanship. Ideal for collectors of pure silver statues and those fascinated by the allure of ancient myths, this piece perfectly blends the artistic imagination with the elegance of silver. Add the formidable Hydra V2 to your collection and embrace the power and mystery of this legendary creature, immortalized in the splendor of silver.

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Customer Reviews

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Very Metal, Needs Friends

Very metal barbarian, feels like Heavy Metal, I wish we had some female fantasy babes of that style to go along side him. Right now I have him in a case fighting the v2 hydra 3oz. Please excuse the dust.