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Model T

Model T

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Introducing the Model T silver statue, a finely crafted homage to the automobile that changed the world, the Ford Model T. This hand-poured silver masterpiece captures the essence of innovation and the spirit of the early 20th century, meticulously crafted from 999+ pure silver. For collectors and enthusiasts of automotive history, vintage cars, and poured silver art, the Model T statue stands as a testament to the ingenuity that propelled society into a new era of mobility and freedom, rendered in the highest quality silver.


  • Weight Options: Available in 3oz, 5oz, and 8oz, offering a range of sizes to fit the preferences of diverse collectors and to pay proper tribute to the iconic Model T.
  • Purity: Each statue is made from 999+ pure silver, ensuring a lustrous and high-quality finish that mirrors the impact of the Model T on automotive history.
  • Manufacturing Process: Utilizing vacuum-assisted investment casting and the precision of 3D printed casting resin, the Model T statue showcases intricate details with exceptional clarity. From the distinctive curved front to the classic spoked wheels, each aspect of the Model T is captured with meticulous attention to detail.
  • Limited Edition: To maintain exclusivity and collectible appeal, each size variant is produced in a limited max mintage of 100 units. This limited production ensures that the Model T statue is a coveted find, enhancing its value and appeal as a collectible.
  • Certificate of Authenticity: Accompanied by a metal Certificate of Authenticity, each statue is laser engraved with its weight, purity, and a unique number, affirming its authenticity and collectible status.

The Model T silver statue is more than just a collector's item; it's a piece of art that encapsulates a pivotal moment in history, celebrating the innovation and enduring legacy of the Ford Model T. Its limited availability adds to its allure, promising to be a prized possession in any collection of hand-poured silver statues or automotive memorabilia. Whether as a tribute to the vehicle that opened the roads to the masses, a celebration of automotive history, or simply for its artistic and material value, the Model T statue represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship in pure silver statues, offering a tangible connection to the dawn of modern transportation for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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