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Gold Spartan



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Step into the world of feudal Japan with our "Samurai" Silver Statue. This is more than just a precious metal collectible – it's a symbol of honor, strength, and a warrior spirit. A perfect silver gift for history enthusiasts and lovers of high-quality silver, this statue brings a slice of ancient Japan to your collection.


Made in the USA, the "Samurai" Silver Statue is crafted from 999+ pure silver, utilizing a vacuum-assisted investment casting process. This technique, combined with a special casting resin, enables the creation of a hand-poured silver statue that is rich in detail and quality, bringing the samurai to life in silver form.


With a maximum mintage of 100, this custom silver statue is a rare and unique silver item that stands out among silver statues. This handcrafted silver piece captures the essence of the samurai, known for their skill in battle and their deep sense of duty and honor.


Experience the power and prestige of the samurai with the "Samurai" Silver Statue. It's more than just a piece of silver art – it's a tribute to a remarkable aspect of history and a stunning addition to any collection of silver gifts.

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